hosted by TikTok supreme Baus and drag superstar Myx Chanel, this duo recounts every Drag Race episode with tons of glam and absolutely zero filter.


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IF YOU'RE NOT FOLLOWING BEKENEMEN, YOU'RE MISSING HALF THE STORY. As a fan of Drag Race since the OG seasons, BekenemenPod brought the franchise closer to my heart by providing Pinoy queer insights that makes me relate to the franchise more. Also, I really love how BekenemenPod opened so many doors in the Philippine Drag RACE Community by pioneering viewing parties after the COVID-19 lockdown. Thank you so much Myx Chanel and Baus Rufo for sharing this love child of yours to us!!! Can't wait to see what the universe has in store for y'all!!!Been here since UK3 and WB days...

-Marina Cummers 🫶🏽